Summertime – Escape the Heat and Aches and Pains


  • Napping in a hammock
  • Outdoor concerts
  • Stargazing

Ahhh. The relaxing moments of Summer we slow down to enjoy.

What happens when Summer activities turn a bit more ambitious? What when hiking, rowing, golfing and lawn mowing leave your sore and achy?

It becomes the perfect time to escape the heat and treat those cranky muscles to a relaxing and restorative session of bodywork. It may even take a stroke or two off your golf game — or so one of our clients claims!

Give a call and schedule an appointment — you’ll be back fully relaxed in that hammock in no time!

CranioSacral Therapy can provide a gentle releasing of muscle restrictions around the spine to reduce pain and muscle tension.

Lymph Drainage Therapy has been shown to provide relief of numerous chronic and subacute inflammations of over-worked muscles.

Massage improves blood flow and loosens tightened muscles while also reducing inflammation.

Reiki and energywork provide wonderful respites through deep relaxation of the entire body.

Summer activities don’t need to be a pain in the neck–or anywhere else, especially when we take the time to care for ourselves.