Achoo! Seasonal Allergy Relief with Massage, Bodywork and Energy Medicine

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Allergies are always in season!

Allergy sufferers would rather do their taxes, go into work on the weekend or clean the garage than endure the symptoms associated with allergies.

Stuffy, runny, itchy nose…headache…sinus pain and congestion…itchy, watery eyes…post nasal drip…sneezing…and scratchy throat. Ah yes, allergy season! Folks who suffer from seasonal allergies experience a range of symptoms—usually at the same time.

Multiple allergy symptoms bring a host of challenges that impact the way we feel, the way we look and our ability to perform and enjoy life.

And those of us who suffer from seasonal allergies are always on the lookout for ways in which to enjoy the season with minimal discomfort. Like the quest for the Grail.

Our bodies react to allergens by stimulating the immune system to release histamine; this in itself results in symptoms in its efforts to flush out the allergen.

While it is not always possible to control allergies by simply avoiding the allergen, there are ways to reduce the unpleasant symptoms and assist the immune system fight allergens.

Environmental and diet changes, supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies and aromatherapy can lessen discomfort for many.

But did you know that including bodywork in your self-care program could also bring about wondrous results?

Stress tends to aggravate allergy symptoms and what better way to reduce stress than with a relaxing session of bodywork?

Lymph Drainage Therapy has been shown to provide relief of numerous chronic and subacute inflammations such as sinusitis.

Massage promotes deeper and easier breathing, strengthens the immune system and has been beneficial in the treatment of headaches and asthma.

Reiki and energywork provide wonderful respites through deep relaxation.

Any season can be a most enjoyable time of year, especially when we take the time to care for ourselves.