Reiki Sessions

Reiki Sessions are a wonderful and relaxing way of maintaining a sense of wellness and well-being. Your intent to simply receive the energy is all that is required. The Reiki practitioner acts as an assisting channel for the energy as you participate in selecting its course and rate of flow.

Reiki is respectful and honoring of the individuals channeling and receiving, remaining completely unconditional in its nature – nurturing, nourishing and restoring all it encounters.

The importance of balanced energy to continued good health

The energy body is the seen and unseen movement, including muscular movements, movement of tissue fluids, cellular and molecular vibrations, movement within the body fields, and movement of life force itself.

The energy body directly affects, and is largely responsible for, ones moods, emotions and vitality. A balanced energy system supports functioning from a sense of greater fluidity, integration and general well-being.

How is a Reiki session performed?

Performed fully clothed, a session typically lasts between 45-90 minutes while in a reclining position on a massage table.  The practitioner may place their hands in specific positions on the recipient’s body or work within the energy fields surrounding the body.

When is Reiki appropriate?

Reiki is ideal as an aid in the effort to cope effectively with stresses encountered in daily life as well as to address specific considerations. The process is designed to work in tandem with primary healthcare.

How often should a Reiki session be received?

The number and frequency of sessions received varies, yet a minimum series of three sessions is recommended.  Maintenance sessions, if needed, should be at intervals of every two to four weeks.

What are the benefits of receiving Reiki?

While Reiki sessions are a wonderful way of maintaining a sense of wellness and well-being, some of the benefits expressed by those receiving Reiki sessions have been:

  • Complementing traditional medical procedures
  • Strengthening & revitalizing the body’s natural defenses
  • Releasing & reducing accumulated stress
  • Enhancing creativity & personal transformation
  • Encouraging relaxation reducing anxiety, insomnia, loss of vitality and increasing a balanced mental alertness
  • Supporting immune system functions
  • Increasing awareness of mind-body-spirit connection